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SC2 Problem Quick Summary

LivePreview Randomly Stops in SDK

Problem Description: livePreview screen goes black in SC2. With the Android SDK, you get an EOFException in readMJpegFrame() in MJpegInputStream.

Workaround: Submitted by tamy. Call camera.getLivePreview again after the error occurs.

LivePreview Stops After Running a Command

Problem Description: livePreview stops after certain commands.

Workaround: Certain API commands appear to stop the live preview. If the screen is stopping, run camera.getLivePreview again.

startCapture always shows inProgress

Problem and solution reported by timbit123.

Problem Description: When using /osc/command/status with the id from startCapture, the state is always inProgress.

Workaround: Use /osc/state and wait for _captureStatus to go back to idle.

listFiles does not show thumbnails and freezes SC2

Problem reported by timbit123.

Problem Description: maxThumbSize: 640 does not show the thumbnails. The SC2 will freeze. There is no way to get the thumbnails. The listFiles command on the SC2 works differently than it does on the V and Z1.

Workaround: As of August 11, 2020, we have thumbnails working with the SC2. You can get a base64 encoded thumbnail of approximately 7.3kB in size.

thumbnail screenshot

Grab the URL of the file you want to get the thumbnail for and then specify it in _startFileUrl.

Example in Dart map.

  Map data = {
    'name': 'camera.listFiles',
    'parameters': {
      'fileType': 'image',
      'entryCount': 5,
      'maxThumbSize': 640,
      '_detail': true,

This is the response from a THETA SC2.

  "name": "camera.listFiles",
  "results": {
    "entries": [
        "name": "R0010129.JPG",
        "fileUrl": "",
        "size": 3943866,
        "isProcessed": true,
        "previewUrl": "",
        "dateTimeZone": "2020:08:01 15:07:50-07:00",
        "width": 5376,
        "height": 2688,
        "_thumbSize": 7349,

Code sample is available that saves thumbnails to local storage to help with testing.

camera._getMetadata not working as expected

Problem Description: Properties such as ExposureBiasValue are incorrect.

Workaround: The correct metadata appears to be in the image file. Pull the actual image to your mobile phone and then use a library to extract the metadata in the image on your mobile phone. Do not use camera._getMetadata to pull the information if you suspect it is not providing you with the correct values.

previewFormat width and height not working

Problem Description: with getOptions, the previewFormat does not show correct values. width and height return 0.

Workaround: There is no known workaround to set the width and height, but getLivePreview does appear to work. The preview format of the SC2 is fixed at 1024x512 at 30fps. Unlike the V and the Z1, the preview format cannot be changed to different fps and frame size. Examples of how to extract the JPEG frames from the MotionJPEG stream are available. If your mobile app checks the camera model, you can figure out what the size of the frames are on the SC2 without needing to use previewFormat. For SC2, the size is always 1024x512.

camera.delete does not delete multiple images from camera

Problem Description: camera.delete only deletes one image. The array of URLs and special parameters such as "all" and "image" do not work.

Workaround: Use listFiles to get the list of images and then delete each file individually in a loop or map.